About Me

I’m a New Zealand writer with a PhD in science communication and a particular interest in science history and marine studies. I’ve most recently been researching the reproductive strategies of Zostera muelleri seagrass, and when I’m not thinking about science I’m thinking about horror.

I’ve had around 30 short stories published, in places like Clarkesworld, Asimov’s, and Apex Magazine, amongst others. A poetry collection on the periodic table, Chemical Letters, was published by Popcorn Press and I’ve written a number of novellas, published by Masque Books, Paper Road Press, and The Book Smugglers. I’ve been nominated for BSFA and Elgin awards, and have won three Sir Julius Vogels – twice for best novella (The Ghost of Matter and The Convergence of Fairy Tales) and once for best fan writing, for a series of columns on food and horror. I’ve also had some academic papers on science fiction and horror published – the most recent, on The Exorcist, can be found in Horror Studies, and I write reviews on a semi-regular basis for Strange Horizons.

If you’re looking for something of mine to read, I reckon the best thing I’ve ever done is a short (free!) novel called The August Birds, wherein science history gets mixed up with speculative fiction.

I also do a lot of tramping, and most of the time I manage not to injure myself. My dream is to one day complete Te Araroa, a walking trail that goes the entire length of NZ. I’ve done bits and pieces of it, and it’ll probably take me another ten years, but one day – one day dammit! – I will finish the thing.

You can contact me at octaviacade (at) hotmail (dot) com.



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