The Convergence of Fairy Tales

convergence2The Convergence of Fairy Tales is a horror story published by The Book Smugglers as the first in their new novella series. It’s really a mash-up of sorts, where five different fairy tale princesses – Sleeping Beauty, the Snow Queen, Snow White, the Frog Princess, and Rapunzel – are facets of the same person. That person wakes, as the original Sleeping Beauty does, with a baby sucking the needle from her finger. This story explores how the princesses deal with their rape and forced motherhood, and how – within the confines of their own stories, aided by poison apples and mirror fragments, by long hair and glass coffins and golden balls – they wreak their bloody vengeance.

Published by The Book Smugglers, The Convergence of Fairy Tales is available at Amazon and Smashwords.