The Impossible Resurrection of Grief


With the collapse of ecosystems and the extinction of species comes the Grief: an unstoppable melancholia that ends in suicide. When Ruby’s friend, mourning the loss of the Great Barrier Reef, succumbs to the Grief, the letters she leaves behind reveal the hidden world of the resurrected dead. The Tasmanian tiger, brought back from extinction in an isolated facility, is only the first… but rebirth is not always biological, and it comes with a price. As a scientist, Ruby resists the Grief by focusing her research on resilient jellyfish, but she can’t avoid choosing which side she’s on. How can she fight against the dead and the forces behind them when doing so risks her home, her life, and the entire biosphere?


The Impossible Resurrection of Grief
Published by Stelliform Press

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Praise for The Impossible Resurrection of Grief

“Uncanny, unsettling, brilliant, etcetera; as well as the thylacines there are jellyfish, robots, rock wrens, rats, and a new kind of psychological devastation that flourishes and evolves as everything else collapses. Called simply “Grief”, it is contagious, and hard to spot, and it feels like a creature that’s already here” – Catherine Woulfe, The Spinoff Book Report

“There’s no denying that The Impossible Resurrection of Grief is both provocative and disturbing, and often quite powerful. I even found myself wondering if the idea of the Grief itself is optimistic, or pessimistic, or both. If climate change mitigation simply fails, will we at least be crippled by our sense of cumulative loss, as Cade suggests, or will be just watch things die and let them die, the way we seem to be doing so far?” – Gary Wolfe, Locus Magazine

“Echoing Jeff Vandermeer’s Annihilation and Rita Indiana’s Tentacle, Cade pushes climate fiction deeper, asking the reader to reflect, consider, and repent. A heavy, but necessary read, The Impossible Resurrection of Grief pushes us to continue to question our motives and our positions in the climate crisis. Are we too insulated from climate change? Do we see these effects now? What steps are we taking to slow or hasten our planet’s death? How compassionate am I towards the other living things that inhabit my neighborhood? These questions and others hint at what the Grief could be asking us. What might strike as hope, but also sorrow, is that there is no clear answer. Cade implores us to both meditate and act, so the world of The Impossible Resurrection of Grief does not become our own” – Alexander Pyles, Chicago Review of Books

“The novella is tense and strained, leaving the reader on edge. Cade’s compact prose delivers plot turns like punches to the gut. (I audibly gasped at an unexpected flash of violence in the novella’s first chapter.) As Ruby confronts resurrected organisms, scientists driven to drastic action by the Grief, and numerous life-threatening encounters (accompanied by her soon-to-be-ex-husband George), she finds that there are no easy answers to facing climate crisis, or the emotions that accompany it. This refusal to fall into black-and-white, good-and-bad is one of the novella’s many strengths” – Shelley Brewster, PhD, The Ancillary Review of Books


About the cover

The cover, by Canadian artist and designer Rachel Lobbenberg, features two thylacines (an extinct Australian marsupial also known as the Tasmanian tiger), a spray of Australian flora, and little New Zealand rock wrens flying about over a distressed velvet background.