Colac Bay

Here I am in Colac Bay, which is only about 10 km of road walk (boo, BOO!) from Riverton (oh, alright, it wasn’t that bad). It’s a short leg, but it’s also the natural stopping place, so I don’t feel too lazy, even if I did have a nana nap after I got here. Longwoods Range tomorrow – bush walking! I’m looking forward to it.

This afternoon I went walking around the Bay, which is a really pretty and peaceful little place. Did some laundry – yes, very exciting. Went to the pub attached to the backpackers – and although I really want to stop spending so much money there wasn’t any other option. A word of advice for anyone tramping this part of Te Araroa – Colac Bay is lovely but you’ll need to get your food in Riverton and carry it on over. There is nowhere here to buy food – I mean nowhere. No dairy, no service station, no takeaways, nothing. At least the pub sells chocolate bars, so I nearly cleaned them out to get through a day or two of Longwoods tramping. Thank goodness I picked up some extra bread and cheese in Riverton…

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