Paramata to Porirua

Just a quick walk today, to finish off the Te Araroa section I partly did last Thursday.  It only took an hour or so to wander down from Paramata station, through the park at Aotea lagoon, through Gear homestead, which is open to the public, and down the road to Porirua station. I got a picture of the homestead, but that’s all there is to write about really – just tidying this section off.


Best part of the walk was seeing all the nice fat geese at the Aotea Lagoon. There’s just something about a goose – something so sleek and attractive… I love watching them, and not in a Tiny Tim, slavering for my dinner sort of way. Which is odd, as despite my vegetarianism a lovely waddling goose makes me think of Christmas. I get the urge to shove an orange in their beaks…

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