Paraparaumu to Paekakariki

And it’s another pictureless blog entry today, because although I did take my camera, and there was no fog, the batteries were dead. Yes, again. How can one little camera use so much power? Those batteries must be the worst ever invented. And there were so many interesting things to take pictures of as well…

Anyway. It was a fine day, for once, in the perpetual rain and wind that is a Wellington winter, so I headed for the beach at Paraparaumu. Along with every man and his dog, or multiples thereof. I think there were actually more dogs than people! Which slowed down my walking time considerably, as I can’t resist stopping to pet a doggie when one crosses my path, all furred and slobbery.

So I dawdled down the beach until I came to Queen Elizabeth Park. And I hope Her Majesty appreciates science, because this was no manicured lawn. The QEP is more a sand dune reserve, with all the grassy, shrubby vegetation that implies, doing its best to prevent erosion. (It might help if they got rid of some of the rabbits.) Anyway, I thought it very interesting, until my attention was distracted by the yellow plane getting in some acrobatic time over the park. Loop the loops and screaming vertically towards the ground – the whole hog. It was very cool to watch – the pilot must have been practising for an air show or something similar. I took a break to watch him before ambling into Paekakariki for an ice-cream and the train home.

It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow, so getting out while I could seemed like a good idea!

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