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Fuck off, Game of Thrones. Just Fuck Off.

I’ve put up with a lot from you. Westeros is a crapsack world, yes. Something that gives you an excuse to wallow in sexual violence, and wallow you have. Repeatedly, with little to no let up, with the most superficial treatment you can get away with.

Don’t think I don’t see how much this wallowing excites you.

That’s the worst of it. How gleefully you keep doing it. You put on appropriately sad faces and say it’s terrible, awful, it just shows how high the stakes are. It’s For The Sake Of Story.

Fuck off. Just fuck off, you awful fucking pieces of shit. I’m sick of seeing rape from you. I certainly didn’t want you to spice it up with the child rape of what may be the most abused character you have.

I don’t care how exciting you think it is. I don’t care for your awful fucking excuses about agency and empowering moments. Raping Sansa Stark is not giving her agency. It is not empowering her. It is doing the very opposite.

Which is why I will no longer be watching. It has become unmistakeably clear to me that this storyline – the rape of Sansa Stark – is something that is seen by you as necessity, something that had to happen eventually, because God forbid a young girl has a storyline without it. I mean, she’s young and pretty and alone. What else could you possibly write about? It’s a dramatic highpoint, I get it. And you’re absolutely not glorifying it. Of course not. This is a crapsack world, after all, and it’s important that we all wallow in it.

I’m not wallowing, not anymore. You’ll continue happily on without me, no doubt, secure in the knowledge that you’ve managed to reach a new low point. You’re brave. You’re edgy.

You can go die in a fucking fire. I will not be watching any more of this shit.