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StarShipSofa: “The Mistress of Fishes”

SSS_SEPT_2014-500x647Now from the “Oops, I’m so behind!” file, comes some very late-breaking news. My short sci-fi story, “The Mistress of Fishes”, has been podcast by the good people over at StarShipSofa. You can listen to the very fine narration by Barbra Dillon here.

Now granted, I’m still quite new at this writing thing, but whenever anyone makes a comment to me about one of my short stories it’s generally this one. It seems to be quite popular, which is nice. Originally it appeared in Regeneration: New Zealand Speculative Fiction II, last year, when it also won a small prize at one of the sci-fi conventions. That prize being Terry Pratchett books, which is fantastic for me as I’m a big fan.

It’s one of several stories I have that focuses on or around the fishing industry in future New Zealand.  Two other of these stories are due out soon from The Book Smugglers and Apex Magazine, and I’m currently writing up another on seaweed. Mostly to help encourage myself to finally finish and submit that paper I have on algae that’s been 90% done for some years now…

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StarShipSofa podcasts “Trading Rosemary”

SSS-COVER-July2014-copy-500x647I’m happy to say that my novella, Trading Rosemary, has been podcast by the Hugo-award winning StarShipSofa!

Now Rosemary‘s a bit of a beast so they had to split it into two parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Enjoy! The podcast is free and well worth listening to in general, not just for my story, so I’d encourage you to follow them. They feature work from a lot of interesting authors.